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Short Stuff Tha Shiznit is an exceptional auto-flowering hybrid strain from Short Stuff Seeds, combining the best traits of Amnesia Kush, Diesel, Master Kush, and Jack Herer. This strain is part of Short Stuff’s Boutique Line, known for pushing the boundaries of auto-flowering genetics. Tha Shiznit lives up to its name, offering an incredible growing experience and an even more impressive smoking experience.

Impressive Growth and High Yields

Tha Shiznit is a medium to large plant, capable of reaching heights of 80-100 cm indoors and easily surpassing 1 metre with proper care. It begins to flower between 3-5 weeks and continues to stretch and fill out over the next 10-12 weeks. This strain is known for its robust growth, producing thick, resinous buds with a unique pink and purple coloration in some phenotypes. Indoors, it yields between 30-90 grams per plant, with the record yield being an astonishing 520 grams from a single plant.

Rich Flavour and Potent Effects

The flavour profile of Tha Shiznit is complex, featuring classic old-school skunky notes with a unique strawberry smell in some phenotypes. When smoked, it delivers an intensely strong flavour on the inhale, with fruity aromas emerging on the exhale. Tested at Spannabis 2014, Tha Shiznit boasts THC levels of 20.6%, making it one of Short Stuff’s most potent strains. The high is powerful and cerebral, perfect for socialising and staying motivated.

Easy to Grow

Tha Shiznit is straightforward to cultivate, making it suitable for both novice and experienced growers. It can handle a generous amount of nutrients and requires minimal attention. This strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, offering outdoor growers the chance to cultivate a high-quality sativa strain without the risk of it not finishing in time. With proper care, Tha Shiznit can easily produce over 60 grams per plant.

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Short Stuff Tha Shiznit Cannabis Seeds: Potent auto-flowering hybrid with skunky and fruity flavours. High yields, easy to grow. Perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Flavour: Skunky, Fruity, Strawberry
Flowering: 8-9 weeks from seed
Effects: Super strong, cerebral high
THC: 20.6%
Indoor Yield: 30-90 g/plant
Outdoor Yield: 30-90 g/plant
Sativa/Indica: 50/50 Hybrid
Genetics: Amnesia Kush, Diesel, Master Kush, Jack Herer


short stuff seeds logo Short Stuff Seeds is a collective of European cannabis breeders specialising in producing regular and feminised autoflower seeds. Although this seed company is relatively new to the cannabis industry, it has already created many popular strains. The team at Short Stuff Seeds began by developing the Short Stuff #1 strain. This dwarf auto variety was one of the first reliable autoflowering cultivars available. The breeders have deemed it their flagship strain, using it to create many compact, fast-flowering hybrids. If you’re a guerrilla grower who prefers short, discreet plants, or you just want to produce a quick-and-easy harvest, this seed breeder has many strains that will serve you well.

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