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Short Stuff Super Stinky Super Auto is a remarkable sativa-dominant auto-flowering strain developed by Short Stuff Seeds. This “super auto” strain is an enhanced version of their successful Super Cali Haze, featuring a potent, cheesy aroma and substantial yields. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Super Stinky Super Auto provides growers with a high-quality sativa strain that finishes in time, even in less than ideal climates.

Vigorous Growth and Impressive Yields

Super Stinky Super Auto is designed for vigorous growth and high yields. This strain can reach heights of 100-250 cm, making it one of the larger auto-flowering varieties available. It begins to flower between weeks 3 and 5, continuing to stretch and fill out for another 10-12 weeks. Growers can expect indoor yields of 110-280 grams per plant, while outdoor yields can be just as impressive. This robust growth makes it suitable for a variety of growing environments.

Potent Aroma and Invigorating Effects

The flavour profile of Super Stinky Super Auto is a unique blend of citrus, pepper, and skunky notes with a cheesy undertone. This strain produces a stinking sativa hazy high, providing an energetic and euphoric effect that is perfect for daytime use. Its potency is rated at 10/10, ensuring a strong and invigorating experience for sativa lovers.

Easy Cultivation

Despite its impressive size and yield, Super Stinky Super Auto is relatively easy to grow, making it suitable for both novice and experienced cultivators. The plant’s auto-flowering nature means it transitions from the vegetative stage to flowering without the need for light cycle adjustments. This strain is particularly advantageous for outdoor growers, allowing for multiple harvests even in climates similar to the UK.

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Short Stuff Super Stinky Super Auto Cannabis Seeds: Potent sativa-dominant strain with cheesy, citrus aroma. High yields, easy to grow. Perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Flavour: Cheesy, Citrus, Pepper, Skunky
Flowering: 100-120 days from seed
Effects: Stinking sativa hazy high
THC: 25%+
Indoor Yield: 110-280 g/plant
Outdoor Yield: 110-280 g/plant
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa
Genetics: Super Cali Haze pheno x UK Cheese Skunk


short stuff seeds logo Short Stuff Seeds is a collective of European cannabis breeders specialising in producing regular and feminised autoflower seeds. Although this seed company is relatively new to the cannabis industry, it has already created many popular strains. The team at Short Stuff Seeds began by developing the Short Stuff #1 strain. This dwarf auto variety was one of the first reliable autoflowering cultivars available. The breeders have deemed it their flagship strain, using it to create many compact, fast-flowering hybrids. If you’re a guerrilla grower who prefers short, discreet plants, or you just want to produce a quick-and-easy harvest, this seed breeder has many strains that will serve you well.

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