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Short Stuff Sharkbite is an exceptional new ‘white’ strain developed by crossing Great White Shark with Short Stuff’s autoflowering line. This strain combines the powerful stone and tangy odour of its Great White Shark parent with the convenience of autoflowering genetics. Sharkbite is a fully stabilised auto strain that remains compact, making it ideal for small spaces and guerrilla grows. This strain is known for its explosive growth, producing buds covered in glistening THC crystals.

Compact Growth and Impressive Crystals

Sharkbite begins to show its first pre-flowers around 15-18 days from seed, followed by rapid growth. The buds fill out and become densely packed, covered in a thick layer of white crystals. This strain becomes so frosty during the last couple of weeks of flowering that even the shade leaves are covered in crystals. Typically, Sharkbite produces one main cola of tightly packed flowers, which can weigh up to 1 ounce.

Smooth Flavour and Potent Effects

The flavour of Sharkbite is smooth and tangy, offering a delightful smoking experience. It delivers a strong indica body buzz very quickly, making it ideal for medical users seeking relief from chronic pain. The high is potent and seductive, providing deep relaxation and a heavy body stone.

Perfect for Small Spaces

Sharkbite is one of Short Stuff’s range of ‘dwarf autos’, designed for growers looking for a stealthy plant that stays short and stocky while producing excellent yields. This strain rarely exceeds 15 inches in height and goes from seed to bud in approximately 65 days, making it perfect for indoor cultivation and discreet outdoor growing.

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Short Stuff Sharkbite Cannabis Seeds: Compact, potent auto-flowering hybrid with smooth, tangy flavour. Ideal for small spaces and guerrilla grows. Fast-growing, high-yielding strain.

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Flavour: Smooth, Tangy
Flowering: 8-9 weeks from seed
Effects: Potent, Seductive stone, Indica body buzz
THC: High
Indoor Yield: 30-50 g/plant
Outdoor Yield: 30-50 g/plant
Sativa/Indica: Indica/Sativa hybrid
Genetics: Great White Shark x Short Stuff Auto


short stuff seeds logo Short Stuff Seeds is a collective of European cannabis breeders specialising in producing regular and feminised autoflower seeds. Although this seed company is relatively new to the cannabis industry, it has already created many popular strains. The team at Short Stuff Seeds began by developing the Short Stuff #1 strain. This dwarf auto variety was one of the first reliable autoflowering cultivars available. The breeders have deemed it their flagship strain, using it to create many compact, fast-flowering hybrids. If you’re a guerrilla grower who prefers short, discreet plants, or you just want to produce a quick-and-easy harvest, this seed breeder has many strains that will serve you well.

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Shark Bite

Shark Bite

Type: Hybrid

THC Level: 24%

Most Common Terpene: Limonene

Description: A hybrid from Archive Seed Bank, Shark Bite combines Great White Shark with a Face Off OG backcross into one fast-finishing, easy-to-grow strain. Its fat, sticky colas emit a delicious candied fruit aroma with a hint of skunky OG flavor for good measure. Considered a 50/50 hybrid, Shark Bite typically comes in between 18% and 24% THC and makes excellent concentrates.