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Short Stuff Mi5 is an exceptional auto-flowering indica/sativa hybrid strain developed through meticulous breeding and selection. Originating from the renowned breeder ‘STITCH,’ Mi5 stands for “My Indoor number 5,” representing the pinnacle of five generations of breeding. This strain is a cross between an auto AK47 and a very purple Afghani, resulting in a robust, resinous plant that performs admirably both indoors and outdoors.

Vigorous Growth and Impressive Yields

Mi5 is designed to thrive in a variety of growing conditions, showcasing its versatility. With a height range of 20-44 inches (50-110 cm), this strain can easily exceed 1 metre when grown outdoors under optimal conditions, particularly with cooler night-time temperatures towards the end of the flowering period. Mi5 typically produces a single main cola with compact flowers and good side branching, yielding between 30-90 grams per plant. With proper care and attention, even higher yields are achievable.

Unique Flavour and Potent Effects

Mi5 offers a pungent aroma with hash-like overtones, a characteristic inherited from its AK47 and Afghani lineage. The effects are powerful, providing a high stone with giggles, making it a favourite among users seeking a potent yet enjoyable experience. While it leans towards an indica-dominant effect, the presence of sativa genetics ensures a balanced high, preventing a total couchlock effect. This makes Mi5 perfect for both recreational and medicinal use.

Easy to Grow

Mi5 is a highly resilient strain that is easy to grow, making it suitable for both novice and experienced cultivators. It completes its life cycle from seed to bud in around 9-10 weeks, retaining the quick flowering characteristics of Lowryder-style strains while surpassing them in potency, growth speed, and height. Mi5’s robust structure and impressive resin production make it a standout choice for growers seeking a reliable and high-yielding strain.

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Short Stuff Mi5 (Regular) Cannabis Seeds: Potent auto-flowering hybrid with hash-like aroma and balanced effects. Fast-growing and high-yielding, ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Flavour: Pungent, Hash-like
Flowering: 9-10 weeks from seed
Effects: High stone with giggles
THC: Medium
Indoor Yield: 30-90 g/plant
Outdoor Yield: 30-90 g/plant
Sativa/Indica: Indica/Sativa hybrid
Genetics: Auto AK47 x Purple Afghani


short stuff seeds logo Short Stuff Seeds is a collective of European cannabis breeders specialising in producing regular and feminised autoflower seeds. Although this seed company is relatively new to the cannabis industry, it has already created many popular strains. The team at Short Stuff Seeds began by developing the Short Stuff #1 strain. This dwarf auto variety was one of the first reliable autoflowering cultivars available. The breeders have deemed it their flagship strain, using it to create many compact, fast-flowering hybrids. If you’re a guerrilla grower who prefers short, discreet plants, or you just want to produce a quick-and-easy harvest, this seed breeder has many strains that will serve you well.

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