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Reign supreme with the Cali Mag Royalty and bid farewell to yellowing leaves!

Experience extraordinary outcomes made effortless. Conceived by master growers worldwide, simplicity meets greatness. Harnessing their collective wisdom, crucial ingredients, and closely guarded secrets, they’ve birthed a flawlessly crafted proprietary additive to accelerate root growth.

Introducing Hornet Hydroponics Industries’ Cali Mag, a remarkably soluble blend of Calcium and Magnesium designed to elevate your plant’s growth to new heights. Say goodbye to yellowing leaves and welcome a flourishing flowering with the regal touch of Hornet’s hydroponic innovation, available at Big Hippo!


Introducing the unrivaled champion of plant nutrition – The King of the Cali Mag! Enhance your gardening experience with this groundbreaking blend of top-tier Calcium and Magnesium supplements. Crafted with meticulous precision and utilising the finest ingredients, this is not just another Calimag mix; it’s a game-changer that has revolutionised plant care globally.

King of Cali MagThe King of the Cali Mag has become the trusted companion for growers around the world, rescuing plants from the brink of health issues.

Picture this: a powerhouse combination of the highest-graded supplements and the perfect blend of original form Calmag. Without this royal formula, growers would still be grappling with yellowing leaves, lackluster vigor in young plants, slow-rooting cuttings, and overall sluggish vegetative growth.

Calimag isn’t just valuable; it’s worth its weight in gold!

If your plant is showing signs of distress, simply add The King of the Cali Mag to your nutrient mix or apply it as a foliar spray for lightning-fast results. Watch as yellowed leaves regain their vibrancy, young plants exhibit newfound vigor, and cuttings take root with unprecedented speed.

This royal elixir is an absolute must during vegetative growth and early flowering stages. The transformation is rapid – within days, witness a resurgence of vitality as the plant’s cell walls and root delivery system spring back to life. The lush green rejuvenates, coursing through the veins of the plant and setting the stage for a spectacular yield.

How to use King of the Cali Mag:

Shake well before use.

For Soil/Coir: Mix 1ml – 2ml per litre into your regular nutrient solution.

For Hydro: Achieve perfection with 1ml – 2ml per litre in your hydroponic system.

Make way for The King of the Cali Mag – where science meets horticultural excellence, delivering results that exceed expectations. Elevate your gardening game and reap the rewards of a flourishing, vibrant garden like never before. Exclusively available at Big Hippo – because your plants deserve nothing but the best!

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