Often referred to as “Legal Weed” H4-CBD introduces a novel twist to the CBD landscape, earning recognition for its remarkable potency. With some sources suggesting it could be up to 100 times more powerful than conventional CBD, it’s no wonder it’s gaining rapid popularity.

Unlike regular CBD, which typically lacks psychoactive effects, this innovative H4-CBD variant offers a distinctive experience. Discover this cutting-edge product now offered at BigHippo.co.uk


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Discover the Power of H4CBD Cannabis Flower

H4CBD cannabis flower represents a specialised CBD flower that has undergone a transformative process known as hydrogenation. During this process, a hydrogen atom is introduced to the CBD molecule, rendering it more resilient and long-lasting. Consequently, this unique form of CBD boasts a larger molecule size attributed to the hydrogenation process.

In addition to its enhanced stability, H4-CBD offers an array of potential benefits, making it a compelling option not only for those seeking natural wellness solutions, but for those who like a traditional rolled up smoke.