Your one stop show for your growing journey is right here at Big Hippo. We stock EVERYTHING you need to make your growing journey a success, from desktop LED hydroponic systems to Grow Tents and Full Grow Kits.

With many years experience in the industry you can trust our Big Hippo brand, we want you to return as a customer time and time again, hence why we hand select EVERY SINGLE item on our website on a full research, discuss and test basis. If its not right it wont get the Big Hippo stamp of approval and we will not stock it!

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Explore Our Range of Grow Equipment for Cannabis Seeds

Take your cannabis cultivation to new heights with our premium range of grow equipment. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, we offer everything you need to cultivate healthy and vibrant cannabis plants from seeds.

Grow Tents

Create the perfect indoor growing environment with our selection of grow tents. Designed for maximum light reflection and insulation, our grow tents provide a controlled space for optimal plant growth and development.

Hydroponics Systems

Maximize your yields with our hydroponics systems, which allow you to grow cannabis plants without soil. Using nutrient-rich water solutions, hydroponics systems provide plants with essential nutrients for faster growth and higher yields.

Grow Lights

Illuminate your cannabis plants with our high-quality grow lights. Choose from a variety of options, including LED, HID, and fluorescent lights, to provide the perfect spectrum of light for each stage of plant growth.

Ventilation Systems

Ensure proper airflow and temperature control with our ventilation systems. From exhaust fans to carbon filters, our ventilation systems help maintain optimal growing conditions and prevent heat buildup and humidity issues.

Nutrients and Additives

Give your cannabis plants the nutrients they need to thrive with our range of fertilizers, supplements, and additives. Formulated specifically for cannabis cultivation, our nutrients help promote healthy growth, flowering, and resin production.