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ALL CANNABIS SEEDS ARE SOLD STRICTLY AS Collectable Genetic Preservation Souvenirs By section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it is an offense to cultivate any plant of the genus cannabis in the United Kingdom without a license from the Secretary of State. Those found in violation may face imprisonment, fines, or both. Please be aware that germinating seeds purchased from the Big Hippo website without an appropriate license is illegal in the United Kingdom.

In alignment with UK law, Big Hippo offers genuine cannabis seeds sourced from a carefully curated selection of global breeders, presented as Collectable Genetic Preservation souvenirs. While selling and owning dormant cannabis seeds is permissible within the UK, cultivation, germination, growth, or any other utilization of these items is not. If you are outside the UK, it’s crucial to understand and comply with your local laws before making a purchase from our website. Big Hippo disclaims any responsibility for unlawful activities or potential consequences associated with the possession or use of products available on this site, encompassing but not limited to criminal prosecution or property seizure.

Big Hippo aims to discourage any action conflicting with the law. All individuals purchasing seeds are accountable for their future actions, and Big Hippo disclaims any responsibility in this regard. All information on the Big Hippo website, promotional material, or packaging is for informational purposes only and is not intended to endorse, promote, or incite the use or cultivation of illegal and/or controlled substances.

While Big Hippo strives for accuracy, occasional errors may occur. We rely on original breeder information for product descriptions. In the event of any errors on our part or our suppliers, we assume no responsibility for damages or harm resulting from such mistakes.

All information on the Big Hippo website is intended solely for educational or entertainment purposes. We will not and cannot provide guidance on growing cannabis seeds, nor will we sell to any party or individual whom we believe to be doing so.

The Big Hippo website may feature links to other websites for informational or interesting purposes. We disclaim control over any external websites, including content accuracy, and accept no responsibility for any harm or damages resulting from their use. Use provided links at your own risk.

Your continued use of this site implies your agreement with these terms. Please review this page frequently, as these terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

Big Hippo does not intend to endorse, promote, or incite the use or cultivation of illegal and/or controlled substances.

Big Hippo does not encourage anyone to break the law.

All descriptions and images originate from breeders operating under a legal framework different from the U.K.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction The relationship between the user and the provider shall be governed by the applicable laws in force in the UK. In case of dispute, the parties may submit their differences to the ordinary courts in accordance with the applicable rules on international jurisdiction.

Drug Policy BIG HIPPO does not encourage the use, supply, or production of illegal drugs or controlled substances in any way.

All information on our website is provided for informative purposes only.

We encourage discussion and research into your local drug policy.

Please be aware that smoking can seriously damage your health and can be fatal, and is not encouraged by Big Hippo.


It is not illegal to sale, or use CBD Products in the UK but controlled cannabinoids, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), must not exceed 1 mg per container. However, the THC limit is just one criterion. As of 2020, CBD-infused food and beverages necessitate Novel Food authorization from the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA). This entails submitting a dossier of toxicological data for assessment and approval by the Agency. We only deal with fully approved suppliers and do not “White Label” any of our goods.

Cannabis cultivation spans 12,000 years, yet CBD’s recent accessibility in mainstream products is unprecedented. We at Big Hippo ensure transparency and high standards in navigating legal complexities.

Since CBD products came to market we’ve collaborated with industry leaders, prioritising safety and correct measurements, markings and British Standards. Big Hippo sources CBD from leading hemp-derived cannabinoid producers, aligning with FSA and EFSA standards. Our 100% legal CBD isolate ensures quality and safety.

CBD’s unique status demands rigorous testing. Following CMC findings (now The MCA), We at Big Hippo  ensures stability, consistency, THC and CBD levels, and toxicity checks, striving for transparency throughout all our products, with COA provisions requested from every supplier..

Navigating CBD’s challenges, BIG HIPPO prioritise education, best practices, and adherence to clear regulations. Honesty and transparency drive our commitment to quality, sustainability, and consumer well-being.

Join us at Big Hippo in shaping the positive potential of cannabis, not just in CBD but also in soil rejuvenation, carbon storage, and eco-friendly alternatives.